How to stay cool in the summer

May 2023

As we approach summer, we are aware that many young people are affected by rising
temperatures, including those with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, self harming behaviour and
transgender and non-binary people.
To help keep people as comfortable as possible, we at Inclusion College commit to:

  • Providing hand held fans and misters, paper fans and making sure each room is equipped with
    these in advance
  • Big jugs of water each day in all the fridges
  • Working out which rooms might be affected if we have a heat wave
  • Make sure we have supplies of wipes and deodorant
  • Being aware of the effect of wearing binders, tracksuits and coats in hot weather and keeping an
    eye on our students.


One of our lovely students has also written some advice for others:

How to stay cool in the summer

By Amelia

  • Fidget toys in paddling pool could turn it into a game of who can collect the most the quickest
  • Ice lollies on a string game
  • Ice on the back of the neck and wrist
  • Designated cold areas
  • Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan
  • Apple bobbing in cold water
  • Remind people to drink water, speaking from personal experience I forget to drink even when I’m
  • Taking off coats and jumpers
  • Picnics outside under the shade