Learners can access Inclusion Hampshire in a variety of ways, given their age, suitability and distance from our Centres, with some using public transport, taxi service or family/ carers.

Transport is arranged between the referring school,  family and Hampshire County Council. Whilst there may be some funding available for transport, this is dependant on distance, family income and circumstance. 

All transport issues must be resolved between Hampshire County Council and the referring agency or family.   Inclusion Hampshire are regrettably unable to offer any transport assistance. 

If your child is already a learner at Inclusion, using an arranged taxi service and your taxi has not arrived that day, then please do contact the office to inform us as we may be able to assist. Telephone us on 01256 760 800.

As with absence reporting, please ensure transport provider is aware of your child’s absence and will not be needing transport that day. Please do contact the office if any problems.

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