Parent Zone

Our Parent/ Carer Zone is a place to find any key information about your child’s time at Inclusion. We will add any updates and details to our website as well as contacting you directly.

Communication is Key

Understanding needs plays a massive role in our success in alternative education provision at Inclusion Hampshire, and two way communication is the foundation of this.  We view our students’ time with us as a real collaborative effort between us, our student and their family.

We want to keep everyone informed about what is happening and how we can support each other in this process. 

Staying in Touch with You

The team will always contact parents/carers with any concerns and invite them to do the same.  We also want to celebrate our student’s achievements and will let them and family know of all their successes.

Our team are always happy to talk to parents and carers and will always try to be available. Call Inclusion College on 01256 587718  or email us any time.

Working with professionals

We also work closely with the referrers and other professionals to ensure all the needs of our students are understood and being met as much as possible.

Need to Speak with us?

If you need to speak to us then please contact the college and ask to speak to your child’s tutor, alternatively you could speak to Marie, the Head of Inclusion College or via the office at 01256 587 718. 

Contact the team