Pastoral Care

In addition to our counselling, art and music services, we also provide exceptional pastoral care. The level and care we are able to provide for our students goes beyond the services we deliver at College.

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Students are supported from point of referral, with escorted visits, through to the supported transition onto further education or employment. We also offer student support at meetings they may need to attend or interviews as they progress. We are able to work closely with parents and carers to ensure they are included in the referral process and at all reviews. 

Support with attendance can be given to families when necessary and we can also support students and parents at agency meetings. It is incredibly important to us to ensure that students and parents feel fully supported. If you feel you need multi agency support for your family we can help with the EHH referral procedure. We can also help with applications and filling in forms where necessary. 

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Our dedicated Pastoral and Referrals Manager Jane Gardner, can offer guidance and support throughout a learners journey with us and is the first point of contact for referrals. Contact Jane at the office on 01256 760 800 or email Jane at

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