Amazing creative writing piece written by IC student for Anti-bullying week

November 2022

it was a normal day for Jade, she woke up and checked her phone but to her suprise she had a message from an unknown number calling her fat and ugly Jade suddenly had a dark feeling in the pit of her stomach, she felt sick. Jade didn’t want to tell her parents what had happened she thought that her parents would think she was weak… despite her startling morning Jade continued to go to school as normal but whilst she was walking she was met with a group of people in masks shouting at her calling her fat, ugly,smelly and loads of other verbal abuse she was praying it didn’t turn physical, Jade ran off as fast as she could to carry on her way to school wiping her tears as she was speed walking hoping no one would notice what had just happened, she didn’t want to be seen as weak. Jade finally made it to school with panic in her heart and a dark feeling in her stomach, she didn’t understand why she had been chosen as the target to there abuse. Jade made it to first period questioning everything but the teacher had noticed something was wrong jade didn’t want to tell her teacher what had happened she didn’t want to be seen as weak she wanted to teal with it by herself but she knew she couldn’t so she decided to let her teacher know she was being bullied, she thi=ought nothing more of it and carried on with her day, watching out for anything unusual but nothing else seemed to happen.. she walked home after school feeling confused as to why its stopped. to jades surprise when she got home there were police cars outside her house, jade walked in panicking thinking what had she done wrong. when she spoke to the police officers they told her they had found the group of people tht had been bullying her and that they wouldn’t be bothering anymore… she felt so relived